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Omega Finesse & Pitching Jig Review

Omega is a relatively new name to the tackle industry. They have picked up some big name field staff this year such as Elite Series pro Derek Remitz, who has a custom wrapped boat by Omega. The fine attention to detail, and unique offerings make Omega baits a step above the rest.

June 12th in Lures, Reviews by .

Lucky Craft RC 1.5 Review

Rick Clunn teamed up with Lucky Craft to put together a bait that targets the shallow crankbait market. With its square lip, this bait tackles shallow terrain such as wood, rocks, brush, or just about anything you want to throw at it.

June 7th in Lures, Reviews by .

Lucky Craft LVR D-15 Review

Lucky Craft’s deep diving lipless bait, the LVR D-15 is anything short of small. This bait requires a long rod and will be fished deep. Weighing in at 1oz (28g), this bait gets down fast, and in great for deep vegetation where the bass hide during the hot summer, and cold winter months.

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Mr Blitz Toad Toter Review

Mr Blitz Toad Toter Hooks provides a different way of breaking the mold for fishing frogs. These hooks feature a keel weight as well as a front nose keeper that secures the frog in place.

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