How are products chosen for review?

Answer: Products are chosen based on how new and appealing they will be to readers.

If you have a product that you would like us to review, please contact me with your product information and what makes it unique. This is your time to wow us.

Whats the Product Review Criteria?

The following contains how TackleReviewer rates the products we review.

  • Value – Purchased price. Compared to other baits and products in its category.
  • Durability/Strength – How the product hold up to usage and abuse.
  • Components/Quality – The quality of the components used for the product. If baits: hooks, split rings, bearings, etc.
  • Performance – How well the product actually performed as stated during field tests.
  • Application – How well it performed for the area that it was supposed to. Ex: A shallow crankbait around grass and logs. Ex. 2: A drop-shot rod in deep water.

Positives: Things we liked in the product and its specific advantages. Listed individually.

Negatives: Areas for improvement or items that aren’t available on this product that we liked on others. Listed individually.