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  1. I am putting a console in a Tracker 1448MVX Grizzly. It now has a tiller for setting. Has any one out there done this, and how big a job is it. The throttle controller looks like the hardest part. Is this doable in your own garage.

    • I had my boat Tracker PT175 completely apart in my driveway….while I didn’t rewire it, I had all the electrical cut loose and hanging….put it all back together in my driveway….I would think mounting the console would be the most difficult part for me. Not familiar with your boat but, if you have a way to get the wiring front to rear then I think it is completely doable….

  2. I have a Tracker 2016 1448MVX with a 2016 25HP EFI Mucury motor with tiller drive. I won’t to install a console with steering wheel and throttle controler. I will continue to start the motor with the starter button on the motor. Is this something I can do at home as the dealer won’t s a minimum of $1500.00 dollers. Please reply ThanksCorky

  3. Trying to run a new transducer cable/power/ground. How is easiest way up tunnel. Keep getting hung up with electrical snake.

  4. I have a 2002 nitro. When I’m sitting in the boat facing forward, is the trolling motor battery behind me on the left or the right?

  5. Yes I have a 2001 Nitro NX 750 sometimes a fuel gauge works and sometimes it doesn’t have been riding on the lake with a lot of waves and whether the pounding may be taking a toll on it sometimes it works sometimes it don’t I check the wiring everything looks good and solid under the day can you please steer me in the correct way to diagnose this problem

  6. White light on my navigation works but red and green dont then on my aerator pump noise coming from under dash and can’t hear my pump running it’s on a 2005 16.5 bass tracker

  7. No spark at plugs. Console has power trim and ignition working. No horn, lights , gas gauge. Checked under console for fuses or a link. 18′ 2010 Bass Buggy

  8. i have a 2005 tracker v16 and the livewell pump quit working. Replaced all fuses ,but didn’t do any good. Any ideas?

  9. I put an entire new deck and carpet on my 1984 tracker tournament V-17 and after putting everything back together my nav lights, bilge, and other electronics are not working at all does anyone have any suggestions? Would really like to keep it out of the shop

  10. I have 92 tracker pro 17 evinrude 50 just got it I need the wiring diagram for the lights, pumps and evering, plus how many pumps and plumbing as well PLEASE bear with me, im a 20 yr vet from 72-92 leagally blind and have tunnel vision meaning looking thru a straw at 10 feet can you help thanks ray

    • hi Ray Green did you ever get a wiring diagram for your 92 bass tracker. I have a 1994 bass tracker pro 17 and I could use a copy of that if you have it. Thanks, Dane

  11. I have a 2004 q5 runs great them out of now where it starts back firing pop and spit you can turn the key off and it’ll start right up and run again until it does it again. Any help???

    • This sounds like high pressure in the lower gear resevour. What happens is the boat runs fine untill the lower unit gear lube gets hot and builds up to much pressure. The engine will pop and die. The pressure then releases. Starting It will then start and run for a bit longer before doing it again. FIX … Drain the lower unit gear lube and refill the resevour fully. The original cause is usually low gear lube level.

  12. 2013 Tahoe 215 Deck Boat 4.3 merc
    Will not start- dash lights & accessories not working. Checked fuses/ battery good/ blower works
    Is there a circuit breaker-where?

  13. I have a 1991 bass tracker I got it and some of the wires under the console are unplugged from the switches does anyone know what wires go where?
    A picture of the backside of the switches would be great

  14. I have a 2005 nitro 750sc…does any one have a diagram of the fuse panel too tell you what each fuse is for….my fish finders wont lite up…every thing else on the boat works…now its not in the water as its winter time here in the east coast of Canada…and I am a the new owner of the boat so I never had it in the water yet…I have the 12 volt starting battery all hooked up…how ever I have not hooked up the 24 volt system for the trolling motor as I’m sure these fish finders do not run off those battery’s and help or leads would be appreciated…thanks…Tom

  15. I have a 2017 Pro 190 TX and I want to put a bow mounted fish finder on it. What is the best way to pull the transducer cable back to the transom? What panels are removable for easier access? I am handy but don’t want to screw up my new boat.

  16. I have a 2017 Pro 190 TX and I want to put a bow mounted fish finder on it. What is the best way to pull the transducer cable back to the transom? What panels are removable for easier access? I am handy but don’t want to screw up my new boat.
    Should have clicked the follow-up comments button

  17. I have a 2001 Bass tracker 17 ft that the engine has been swap out and a 2004 yamaha jet drive was put on it.Need to no how to wire all the gauges

  18. I have a 2008 nitro 750dc, wife bought me a lowrance hook 9 for my B-day I mounted it up front noticed under trolling motor panel there are 2 sets of spare wire one purple/black & the other red with black stripe/black can I use a set for my power?

  19. Just got a used 2013 Tahoe Q4sf and the lowrance Pro4 fish finder does not work, I think it is in conflict with the transducer for the in dash depth finder. Do I need to rewire the fish finder off the master shutoff? This way the in panel will be off and the minKota fishing motor will work together with the master switch off. Also would like to know where the transducers are located. Any help would be appreciated.

    • My boat is a 2018 tracker 170 Pro With a 50 hp Mercury.
      Gas gauge doesn’t work. I’ve replaced the gauge, and pulled and checked the resistance on the sensor and it’s good. Where is the fuse for power to the gauge?

    • Hi Janette, would you happen to be able to share the wiring diagram with me. I have a 1994 Bass tracker pro 17 & would love to know the fuse amperage ratings. Thanks, Dane

  20. Main power from battery to new fuse block what size inline fuse do I need,the block says no more than125 amp, but that sounds high to me,yes no, or please tell me the size,,its a pro team 175. 1998 tracker

  21. 1993 Bass Tracker Pro 17 40 HP Evenrude.
    Just got the boat 1 month ago. Previous owner
    started it up motor ran good. 1 week later I started
    It at home with water running through engine.
    Ran good. Repaired a few minor things and decided
    to take it out the following Saturday.
    Saturday: Motor just spins over. Sounds to me like
    no spark or no gas. Disconnect water from motor.
    Move boat close to my work shop, remove plugs
    Clean and reinstall. Motor was on the stand on rear
    I decided to put it down remove stand and use trim
    to lower motor. After I let motor down Lost All Power.
    Checked battery wit multi-meter 3.9 volts Both Batteries.
    Charged battery’s over the next week, checked fuses
    Wire connections and put a new ignition switch.
    Still No Powet…. Any Help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks for your time Reading.. Jon

  22. I have a 2012 tracker Pro Team 190 with a 115 Optimax engine. I am trying to install a tilt and trim gauge. Everything says the sender wire from the engine is brown and white. And that is correct. The problem is, at the connector that transitions from the motor to the boat console, I lose the brown and white wire. it apparently changes to something else and so far my guessing has been wrong. Have not been able to find any help with this. Thoughts???

    • I am trying to install a trim,tilt gage on my 2012 175 60 hp 4 stroke. I am losing the brown and white wire under the dash.does it turn to another color?

  23. I have a Tracker Tahoe Q7 2002 6.2 MPI. I need the wire diagram for under the dash to wire all gauges and switched including the key switch. Can you please help?

  24. I have a 27 foot sun tracker and the horn won’t work and the boat won’t even turnover. I think it is a wiring issue. We’re can I get a picture of the wiring harness under the steering column.

  25. I have a 1988 Tracker pro 17 just recently acquired. Its in great shape for the most part but having some electrical issues on the console. The voltage, tach and PSI indicator work. However the bilge, aerator, lights, depth finder and radio do not. Check fuses and for loose wires and found nothing. Everything seems to be connected as should be under the console. Any help appreciated!

  26. I just purchased a 2018 Pro Team 195 TXW and installing a bluetooth power amp. I need to connect it to a wire so when the key is switched on, it activates the amp. Does anyone know which wire I need to slice into?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  27. I have a Bass tracker pro175 txw. At first I thought my problem was the bow switch. My motor would constantly trim up. I found the problem was the up from the bow switch, so I unplugged that wire from the switch. I replaced the switch and now the up doesn’t work at all. I believe I have deduced, that the wire that connects to the up (switch) is the problem. I am trying to find out the way to replace that wire. I can’t find a wire diagram for the boat and am not sure where that wire goes (connects to) other than the battery.

    Can i just attach another wire to the up wire and pull it out, therefore replacing the bad wire and then connect the new wire to the switch and battery?

    Thanks for any help…

    • Connected to your engine start battery. Only thing connected to your trolling motor battery should be your trolling motor.

  28. I purchased a 2019 Bass Tracker 175TXW all gauges are working except motor trim and Gas all fuses good tank is full any ideas where to look for the problem thanks fred

  29. I purchased a 2019 175 Txw all gauges are working with the exception of trim and fuel gauge the boats literally 3 hours on it for the life of me can’t figure out why all fuses are ok and connections seem to be tight any advice would be enormously appreciated.

  30. on my 2001 tracker the tilt and trim work fine off of the bow and the side of the motor but, not off of the shift swith. any ideas would be appreciated.

  31. I have a 2017 Bass Tracker Pro 190. Ignition switch broke inside and boat wouldn’t start. I got the switch to turn finally using some force but now it won’t start even though I replaced the switch. Anyone have any ideas? It will not turn over but the switch is wired properly. Has to be something else wrong…

  32. I have a 2019 bass tracker classic and the navigation and courtesy Lite wont work.everything else works. Checked fuse on dash and the 2 under dash all good.Any suggestions.

  33. I have a 1997 Nitro 800 LXS with 98 Mercury 115. When I turn the ignition key forward a loud horn comes from under the dash and never shuts off, even when running. The oil is over half full.. Any ideas on why this is happening?

  34. were do you find wiring diagram to z19 nitro my livewell not working one side not getting power fuse is good

  35. I have a 2003 Nitro NX750. Can anyone tell me where the fuse is for the live well?
    It quit working all together. Looking for the pump but can’t find how to get to it.

  36. Bass tracker 185
    Does anyone know What size wire did they run from battery to bow mounted electric motor plug?
    If I have to increase wire size form 10 to 8 would I be able to fit it into the pipe they have?
    Any suggestions on how to run new wirers would be welcomed. Tony

  37. I have a 1999 Bass Tracker 18 footer. I’m in the process of recarpeting the boat. Took the panel in the front. Two different connectors. Like an idiot, instead of checking further, I cut the wires. Should have taken a picture FIRST. On the panel is a plug for the trowling motor. There are 3 wires coming from the female plug, a black one, a red one and an orange one. Didn’t see it was attached to a connector. The connector has 4 wires coming from it. A red one, an orange one, a black one, and another black one with a blue stripe. My question is “Does anyone know where the $&@? the black stripped wire goes”? Bass Pro wants big bucks just to look at it.

  38. My fuse to my front lowrance depth finder (ACC)continues to blow each time I put one in. It is a 3 and I have tried to upgrade to a 5 but it blows also. They blow while inserting them in the fuse box. My boat is a 2021 Tracker pro team 175 txw te.

    • Hi Darryl,
      Typically you don’t want to go over the fuse rating! It sounds like a hard short. Will it blow the fuse if the DF is turned off? Is the on/off switch on the DF itself, dashboard or somewhere else? Have you just installed this or was working & now it’s not?

  39. I need the schematic diagram for an aerator switch on/off/auto on my bass tracker pro team 185 XT year 2002. I am trying to replace the switch and I’m not sure of the wiring replacements.


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