Tracker Boats Wiring Diagram

Tracker boats wiring diagram

Tracker Wiring Color Diagram

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  1. How do you get wires through frame on Tracker Trailer? Have tried electrical snake with it stopping where two rails come into main rail towards front.

    • It will go, i have same trailer.I put a piece of flexable material down the front tube where rails come together so the fish tape will follow the transition to the front. Took me a few tries.

    • I have a 2001 Nitro NX 750 and the fuel gauge will work sometimes and sometimes it will not can you give me an answer on what could be this the problem is a 2 gauge going bad or maybe the sensor I have checked all the wiring everything looks great under the boat and under the day please respond thank you

  2. Tryin to wire bow trim buttons. Have one red ground and a blue and a green. How do’ I get two grounds out of the one red ground?

    • the red is always power not a ground the blue and grenn maybe your ground check the wires with a meter test for neg. and pos. on the wires and you will get the correct currant reading for those wires. /// good luck ///

  3. How can I tell if it is the bilge pump or switch. Fuses check good but no light at switch for bilge pump and pump does not work

    • Jump from the red hot terminat to the terminal that goes directly to the unit ie bilge pump. if the pump starts good. I would change the fuse just incase. If that does not do the trick, change the switch.

    • remove the switch and test the switch with a meter and see if the switch is ok if the switch is bad you pump will not work it sounds like you have power to the switch but nothing is coming out of the switch i would check the switch first. good luck

    • Have a Tahoe 265 2007 model. Issues with Bilge pump. Can see bilge pump but hard to get to. Can only have access by hand to touch the cartridge. Issue is when I try to turn on the bilge pump the 5 amp fuse pops. That’s as far as I get. How do you get this pump . Anyone know of a trick to get the pump out of the slot along with the float. Ideas???? Could it be the switch that is causing the fuse to pop… Ideas… suggestions…

  4. I have a 2000 bass tracker 175 pro team and would love to know what fuses in the fuse box go to what. Is there a diagram? I have the book but it does not indicate the fuses anywhere in it.

  5. My boatisa2008 Bass Tracker PROTEAM 170 TX. The boat present a problem in a start system. In ocassion start normally but the most times I need to moving the cables under console to start the motor normally. Ithink thathave a any cable not conect properly. The battery is ok.Can you help me?

    • check the connections at the ends of the cables and make sure the clean and tight on the pos. and neg. cables sounds like you have a loose wire and inspect the cables from one end top the next to see if there is a worn or shorting out cable it sound like a loose wire end to me.

    • I had the same problem, I removed the motor cover & there’s a black connector on the right side that has about 8 prongs, male and female. When I plugged it all the way in, my motor wouldn’t turn over, so I pulled it apart about a quarter inch or so & it fired right up. Then I wrapped it with a lot of electrical tape to keep it water proof. That was about 2 years ago and I’ve had no problems with it scenes. Good luck, hope that helps.

    • sounds like the fuel sending unit has failed remove the power from the sending unit and see if the gauge moves to E if not you may have a stuck gauge in the dash and will need to replace the gauge after removing the power from the sending unit if the goes to E then you have a bad sending unit and need to replace that part.

      • I’ve got a 2007 Pro Crappie and have had the same problem 3 times. Each time the dealer fixed but had to remove the sensor unit out of the tank. I now have a couple of bad switches the lighted gray ones rounded at one end of the toggle and square at the other. Anyone know where to get replacements? They are all on-off-on type.

  6. I have a 2012 bass tracker with a 60 hp efi. I have removed the batteries for storage but forgot to label the wires to which batteries they go to. any help for a stupid person would be great.

    • well follow the two wires from the motor there is a posative and a negative wire from the motor that goes to one battery and the other wires go to you accessories the other battery

    • Positive is marked positive and is also red. The blck goes to ground. This is for your motor operation, The red with the 20 amp fuse is for lights, horn,etc, this goes to positive. The smaller wire with black wires (red)cap at end is negative

  7. I have a 1991 pro16. The fish finder at the front of the boat has stopped working. I think I lost the 12 VDC. Problem is, I can’t find the fuse block or where it gets the 12 VDC from. Any idea’s? thanks

  8. I have a 2007 Pro Team 190. I’m trying to replace the ignition switch but have noticed the one in it now (not sure if it’s the original or not) has 6 wires coming out of it. The one Tracker sent me for my boat has 6 wires plus the one for the choke. Problem is, I see nowhere under the console that the choke wire can plug to. Any help?????

  9. I have a 1990 Pro 17 foot tracker. It has a wire broken off the starter circuit and I do not find a place to connect it to start. Could you may me a circuit for the starter circuit for my tracker?

  10. I have a 2013 pro guide 175 sc and as soon as I hit the lights switch it blows the 5 amp fuse. This happend the first time I tried the lights? Sound like a pinched wire?

  11. I lost power to my gauges, tach, fuel, volt,they started jumping up and down. when i shut engine off will not start,and no engine tilt.Even the tilt on the motor. Batteries good. This is on 2010 175 TXW

  12. I have a 2006 Nitro 175 sc. The outboard has completely lowered and no power to tilt trim. I am trying to locate the problem. any thoughts.

    • Has the same thing happen on my Stratos a year or so ago. The motor would not go up or down. The culprit was a block relay that is located on the outboard. There were two 2″x 2″ black relays, and one went bad. Not sure if the Nitro has the same thing, but the good news is that its only a $2 fix. I got the relays at a local AutoZone or O’Reilly’s.

      • My trim tilt will lower, but will not raise. Would the relays fix this as well? You can hear at least one of the relays click when the switch is activated

      • Im not a mechanic, but had this same issue on my Stratos boat. Mine had 2 relays, and I replaced the one relay and it worked. On my 1992 200hp Johnson (on the Stratos), the relays were found in the outboard towards the top (very easy to get to) and looked like a 2″ by 2″ black box. Cost like $2 each at the locat auto parts store. If that doesnt fix it, you may also want to check the fuses. If that doesnt work, check out Bass Boat Central Boards (, and someone in there will help you further.

  13. my gas gauge bounces from full to empty while I’m driving my Tracker targa ’99. How do I get it to read accurately?

  14. Hey guys. I have a 2008 Suntracker pontoon that out of the blue, the fuel gauge, horn, lights and radio all stopped working. I have tested all of the fuses & connections, replaced a relay and circuit breaker just to be sure, and I still have nothing. Starts fine, trim works. I’m at a loss. Thanks in advance! Dennis.

    • Did you get any help? I have a 2008 PartyCruiser 32 and am experiencing the exact same issue. Basically there is power to the breaker box but nothing past it. Box checks out fine. Does not matter if it is batteries, shore power or generator power. So it seems to be just no DC power after the rectifier, but I have no idea why.

  15. I have a 1990 Pro 17 Bass tracker. There is a Green wire that has come loose and i can’t get the starter to turn over. Is there a wiring diagram?

  16. I have a 1998 Nito (17ft) 90hp (mecury marine ) boat. Intermittently when I turn the key on the motor will not turn over the solenoid just “clicks” I tested the battery good, I have 12 volts going to the solenoid when the key is turned on, the starter is good. I did replace the solenoid just to be sure and the same thing….will start fine 15 times in a row then nothing just chatter from solenoid. Funny thing is when this happens I disconnect the batter cables from the battery then put them back and the problem goes away for a while then when it happens again (won’t start) I remove the cables from the battery and then it starts! I have tried to find a wiring diagram to see if there is some sort of a relay between the switch and the solenoid to see if it is “hanging” up or something but no luck on a diagram. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    • i have a 2003 tracker that does the same thing i have a 40 hp merc 4 stroke efi i want to know if there is a breaker in the system some where please Help thank you so much

  17. I have a 2008 Tracker 175 TXW the battery will not charge when plugged in anymore will charge fine from a charger and when jumped from the truck but the charger on the boat will not work what do you think is the problem is? and where is the fuse box?

  18. My comment/question is on the Owner’s Manual that came with my 2013 Sun Tracker. It is worthless as to wiring, fuse box anything else that might be technical. My question is: why did Sun Tracker waste perfectly good paper printing it.

  19. 2006 pontoon boat 40hp mercury will not run with ground hooked up on battery. Take ground off battery motor runs great.

  20. 2006 18’bass buggy runs rough with neg wire touching battery post. Take it off. Motor runs great. Changed ignition switch. Why? Oh why?

  21. I have a 2007 Nitro 929. It has a Stealth charging system with the Nitro buss bar. 1 Cranking and 3 trolling batteries. All batteries are less than a year old and fully charged. Two issues recently

    The main power switch will sometimes completely shut down when I hit the manual bilge. When it completely shuts down it beeps (makes the same sound) as it does when I turn on the main power. If i shut off main power and turn back on most of the time it will come on. I have cleaned all terminals and replaced the fuses both at the box under the console as well as the fuses near the cranking battery where everything is hooked up.

    Second issue is my 3 deep cycles are draining when not in use. Again the only thing connected to them is the trolling motor and is done via the buss bar supplied with the Stealth charger. Even though the trolling motor is off, is it possible that it still drains the power some how. If not any ideas on what can drain the batteries when the trolling motor is the only connection? Thanks for any thoughts.

  22. I have a 2001 Tracker Targa 17″6′ side console. On the dash there is 4 switches the one on the far right is for the rear wive well pump, it has 8 wires going to it.I took all of the wires off but now I’m not sure what wire goes where. I called Tracker and they could not help, is there anyone out there that has a similar boat that can help me Thanks

  23. I am having trouble with where is the best place for a transducer on the transom. I have a targa 17 and I have a lot of trouble with the air bubbles from the ribs. I have tried several locations up and down the right side. I have purchased the new Elite 5 hdi and do not want to put anymore unnecessary holes to patch.

  24. Some vicious person cut all my wiring to my batteries and stole the batteries. Is this a do it yourself job to replace the batteries and terminal ends. Or do I need to take it to a shop. Help! I own a 175 txw pro team bass tracker. Is there a diagram I can use. It had two batteries. The two wires from the motor are both black. All the wires are there. They were cut with cutters just past the terminal ends.

  25. My problem is hooking up two batteries. Where do the accessories plug to. Is there any type of fuse that connect to the terminal ends that are colored. Are there any dual hookups for this tracker boat I mentioned.

  26. I have a 2011 Suntracker Bass buggy 18′ After charging the battery for a day of fishing the next day, all of a sudden I have no power no where. Motor , trim , horn nothing at all. fuses look good 50 amp breaker good. Any tips or Ideas appriciated greatly.

  27. 2002 18 bass buggy . Changed stator trigger rev limit switch ignition switch new battery got in a boat repair shop they can’t get it to fire . Before it would run with negative off battery put cable on it runs bad. Any clue what’s the problem before I have to sell my home to pay for repaira

  28. Any idea what would cause loss of power to ignition switch? No power to the gauges that come off the key switch, no power to crank, no power to any of the trim switches. Fuses are good, battery is good, kill switch button is engaged. I was running in some pretty rough water and shut the engine down as normal. When I tried to fire the engine back up,…. nothing. 93 pro 17 bass tracker..

    • I have had the same problem but a mechanic showed me where the fuse is for the main engine which this sounds like. On my 115 hp Mercury the main fuse is under the hood of the motor towards the back top. Mine is a 20 amp fuse. My problem is I have a short somewhere and keep blowing this fuse. Hope this helps some.

      • I have a 60 hp Mercury and have the same problem. No power at ignition switch. No power at any trim switches. I’ve looked but didn’t see fuse at back of motor. Is this a regular fuse or a relay type fuse?

  29. I have a 2008 Tahoe 195 deck boat. I have lost complete power to my trolling motor. I have checked fuses. Any other ideas of what to check?

  30. I have a 2013 175 Tracker Combo, the GPS speedometer has not worked and not getting much help from the dealer. It reads GPS error everytime except twice for a few seconds. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

  31. I have a 2013 Pro 170 bass tracker and I’m trying to install a 12 volt power outlet. I need to know which hot wire to connect it to, ground is no problem.

  32. I lost the key to my 2004 tracker 165. I stuck a knife in there to see if I could turn it over. it did once and now its completely dead. I got a new switch and put it back together and still dead. I checked all the fuses I could find and they were all good. Help please

  33. Does anyone know how to remove the fuse block in my 185 Bass tracker. I can not get to the connections and need to pull it out. I took of the four screws that hold it to the side wall but it does not pull out. Any ideas?

  34. I have a 1996 tracker marine trailer that the brakes will not release is there a manuel that covers the hydrolics for this trailer ?

  35. I have a 1994 bass tracker tournament tx with a 40 hp tracker Mercury pro team engine. My tilt trim activated in the up position after a fishing trip. I happened to go outside and heard the trim motor running. It seems the problem is in the shifter handle as the switch at the engine seems to work. I got the motor to shut off by toggling the handle switch back and forth. Question: Is the switch a difficult fix for a jack legger such as me?

  36. Master Power button on dash is stuck “ON”. How can I unstick it to pop out and turn off lights etc?
    2014 Tracker Marine Party Barge

  37. I have a 98 Nitro 180 and my bow light stays on no matter where the panel switch is….Just started soo not sure why! Any suggestions

  38. i need help with wiring on my 2004 bass tracker p 185 i took he wire off of the light and aurator rocket swichs and now do not know were they go back i forgot to mark them does any one have a picture of theirs they could send me so i can hook them up correctly

  39. I have a 2011 tracker pro team 175txw. The last owner let me know that the switch to fill the livewell is bad. What he didn’t tell me was that he messed with the wiring in the back to make it work. But when I bought it, he undid what he messed with and didn’t put the wires back the way they were. Anyone know where I can find a diagram?

  40. Have a 2014 nitro z7 fuel gauge problems, cut switch on it measured full, all the time, cut switch off it measured empty, changed sending unit , doing same thing, have power to gauge and sending unit, help, thanks


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