Trailer Wiring Diagram

boat trailer wiring diagram

Boat Trailer Wiring Diagram

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  1. question: trying to rewire boat wires to a new new wiring kit

    91 Tracker Trailstar trailer has a cluster of 6 wires: white, yellow, black w yellow, black w green, green and white w green

    new wiring kit: has a cluster of 4 prongs: white, black w yellow, yellow and green w yellow

    please advise as to how these wires may be connected

    • there is a good wiring diagram on the web page , i would remove all the wires from the trailer and start fresh with the new wiring kit you purchase, the kit should also have the wiring directions in it there pretty easy to do.

  2. I recently rewired my trailer. It is a four wire system yellow/brown on left green/brown one right and white ground wire. all the wires were installed along with splicing marker lights to the brown wire as per instructions. Brake lights and turning signals work but cannot get running lights to work. What do you suggest I do? Thank-you Gerald

  3. my neighbor took the plug off of my pontoon boat trailer with the snowblower. so what was a 5 wire plug (ground included) is now a frayed mess. Unfortunately there are more than 5 wires remaining on the boat end, with little clue as to what joins with what. There IS a brake system, but NOT electric. Any clue s to what joins with what color wise?? I think I am looking at 7 wires at this point that need to be reduced to 4+ground??

  4. I have a 7 flat connector and would like to put a batt. on my boat trailer to run my winch can I charge this batt. buy hooking up the 12v pole to the batt. to keep it charge on the go. I’m using a portable charger now and it’s a pain
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  5. I messed up the plug on my trailer and need to replace it. The trailer is a TRLPG175. There are 7 wires (green, yellow, 2-brown, 2-brown & white, white). Which wires go to a 4 prong plug.

  6. All running lights work on my 2010 Tracker TXW175 trailstar trailer except for the back bar light. I have replaced the light bar and still no lights. Obviously there is a short some where. Is light bar directly wired from the plug or is there a tee? If so where would it be since all wires are internal?

  7. I have a 1996 tracker marine boat trailer that has a problem with the brakes .the brakes will not release . is there any diagrams that you would recommend that would help with the hydrolics or whatever might be causeing the problem ?

  8. i have a 2012 Crestliner boat and trailer, it has 8 wires going into a 4 prong plug, i would like to know what the 3 white wires go to

  9. have a 2001 linclon navigator no power to the plug where wire plug from the trailer connects the fusess are good what next/?

  10. 1999 Tracker Trail Star trailer. Passenger rear tail light had broke lens and rusted bolts but was working. This was a Wesbar 8” rectangle submersible. It had 3 wires out the back of it which are red/white/brown. White wire is hot wire. New light has 3 wires which are brown/green/ white. Trailer wires to this light are red/white/ brown.
    When I connect new light white to ground and light green to trailer white and light brown to trailer red the light comes on with truck running and lights on but right flasher will not flash. When I touch the light brown to the ground and trailer white to the lights green wire the light will flash but no running light. Please advise.

  11. I have a 2017 pontoon boat tracker trailer. Lights not working. I would like to see if the fault is where the ground wire connects to the trailer, BUT i can not find where is connects. Normally it would be near the front/tongue. Could it be that tracker is using the ball as a ground? Please help.

  12. Hi , can anyone pls help me with the wiring of my trailer . On my lights i have 4 wires witch is ( Green , Black , Red , white ) and dont get a picture like this on the internet with these wires


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