iPhone Navionics Preview

iphone navionics app preview

iphone navionicsIn a stunning move, Navionics proved to be on the cutting edge by being the first to introduce a chartplotter aimed at anglers, for the iPhone. Using the iPhone’s built in GPS, users will be able to install Navionics Mobile and have a mobile chartplotter.
iPhone users will be able to download maps and store them on the phone’s internal hard drive, and even bring up maps in remote locations where cell phone service is anything but close.

According to the Navionics product website , users will be able to pan, zoom, view descriptions, and download maps directly to your phone. It will continue to work even when your cell phone signal drops.

We can just assume, but this should be available for purchase on the iPhone appstore, and can easily be purchased and installed directly from any iPhone within minutes. With over 100 million apps having already been downloaded since the store launched in July, its easy to see why this platform was chosen.

I can already see this product breaking new ground and starting to lead the way for the mobile outdoorsman market.

It’s always great to see a fishing manufacturers staying on top of the latest trends and technology, because, lets face it, too many of them dont.

Navionics will have this on hand at their boat show events, or you can sign up for their newsletter when more information is released.

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  1. Absolutely awesome! It was tough for me to drop the $60 for an app, but after using it all weekend at Lake Amistad, I can say it’s well worth the cash.

  2. Well, don’t bet your life on the position. When diving you want to be on the reef not “near” it. The maps feature that comes with the Iphone is right on. Why isn’t this one?

  3. I bought the (great lakes) Navionics app for $10 and it appears to do all the things the $600 Garmin unit (at my local West Marine) could do. The iphone is MUCH easier to navigate.


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