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Bass Akwards Big Bait Posse DVD Review

Sick of the typical fishing videos, the boys at Bass Akwards assembled some of the best in the biz, tied on some swimbaits, and headed to California. What they came back with was filmed and released in a DVD titled Big Bait Posse. The 40+ minute video is decked out with a punk rock soundtrack to help wake up the house.

Dave Houlebeck showing us how it's done.

Dave Houlebeck showing us how it's done.

One part of the video does show instructional (ok, so I lied earlier…) about how to make a jointed trout pattern swimbait. From start to finish, Dave Houlebeck addresses the issues that he faces when creating a perfect running swimbait.

Shaun also mentioned that Bass Akwards is in the works of a new video, and this time it will feature more instructional and how-to on fishing swimbaits, for all the newbies out there.

In your face action throughout the whole video.

In your face action throughout the whole video.

Overall: For $20, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better in terms of a fishing DVD. If the price kind of turns you off, plunk down the change and get over 40 minutes of 10lb California swimbait bass action.











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Plus. Professionally created. Nice menus and organized layout.
Plus. HUGE bass being caught. NEVER get sick of watching.
Plus. Extras….Bloopers.
Plus. In your face camera work.
Plus. Cutting edge punk rock. Matches the action of DVD.
Minus. Only a few stores carry it.
Minus. Since its the only video of its kind, you get the feeling of wanting more.

Overall Score: 9.0


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