Bassaholics Clothing Review

Bassaholics clothing

In Depth:
Manufacturer: Bassaholics
Type: Clothing and Apparel
Cost: $15.99 to $39.99

Online Retailers:
Tackle Warehouse
Bass Tackle Depot
Fisherman’s Warehouse
USAC ProShop

Bassaholics Clothing Tag
Bassaholics Clothing Tag

The company produces a full line of fishing clothing & apparel for men and women anglers. Aiming to please all addicted trophy hunters, Bassaholics offers shirts (long and short sleeve), hats, visors, beanies, windbreakers, hoodies, socks and even belts.

Quality bass fishing clothing, with uniquely branded tags.
Quality clothing, with uniquely branded tags.

Started in 2005, Dan says “he was inspired and helped by friend Luke Burrett, President and CEO of Silverstar Casting Company”. Everything took off from there. At the time there was nothing else for the angler in the form of a dedicated clothing line. With his passion for swimbaits and fishing, he started a clothing company.

Dealers all over the country and Canada are selling Bassaholics. Sales can be reached at 949-481-3961.

Sewn on bass tags at the bottom of all shirts.
Sewn on bass tags at the bottom of all shirts.

All Bassaholics apparel is handcrafted in the USA, and looks great both on the water hooking hawgs, or off the water picking up hotties. It’s west coast trophy fishing inspired, and is similar to the trendy clothing you would find in PacSun. Fishing pros Skeet Reese, Dean Rojas, and Mike Iaconelli, as well as WBT lady anglers are rocking the gear as well. It’s even been spotted in the latest Bass Akwards DVD, Big Bait Posse.

Rigging gear or dreaming?
Rigging gear or dreaming?

This isn’t your normal clothing line either. Branding of Bassaholics is the first thing customers will notice. The tags on the shirt are adorned with the Bassaholics logo, even down to the shirt size tag. These are premium heavyweight shirts folks. Bassaholics Pull Over Hooded Sweatshirts offer uncompromised quality and carry their trademark outer sweatshirt “Addicted Label” and inner sweatshirt “Bass Tag”.

Flex Fit hats for the perfect fit.
Flex Fit hats for the perfect fit.

Hats are custom fit using Flex Fit technology, which acts as a stretchable lining inside the hat. Personally, I don’t think I will own another hat without this. Fortunately, its a common trend and lots of companies are using now. To test how well the fit was, it was able to take 30mph speeds in the boat and the hat did not become donated to the lake bottom.

Quality made and built for mad fishing.
Quality made and built for mad fishing.
When not working his heart out on websites, e-commerce, and programming, Branson like to enjoy time on the lake. His best times are spent with friends trophy bass hunting.


  1. Love the Bassaholics apparel. Crush the sun line long sleeve hooded shirt is very comfortable and protects the skin very well from sun burn. Keep up the good work!


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