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Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon

Berkley is always pushing new technologies, from Gulp!, to Alive!, and now with Fluorocarbon line. For many anglers this change can be like going from a Civic, to a Corvette. Let’s see why…

Compared to Yozuri Hybrid, its a little clearer and has a greener tint, as seen below.

Yozuri Hybrid on the left. Berkley 100% on the right.

Yozuri Hybrid on the left. Berkley 100% on the right.

Now its time to get more in depth with this review!!

Gear for the review consisted of:
Rod: Shimano V-Rod VCT66MH 6’6″ MH
Reel: Shimano Citica 200D 6:2:1 Ratio
Line: 10lb Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon

Using backing can allow you to get 2 reels spooled, from a single 200yd spool. Just leave some old line on, and tie the new line to it. Save some cash and time!

Shimano Citica 200D spooled with Berkley Fluoro.

Shimano Citica 200D spooled with Berkley Fluoro.

I started the day fishing with a Lucky Craft LV500 since summertime usually means fishing deeper. Tying it using the popular Palomar knot worked perfectly. Make sure you wet the line before tightening the knot.

Tight Polomar knot on Lucky Craft 500 max

Perfect palomar knot. We didn't have any slippage issues.

Durability / Strength: After about 30 casts, the line looks good. There are no nicks or cuts and the knot is strong. I also show the results after spending 3 hours of fishing on the next page.

Switching to a 7″ shakey worm setup, I really wasn’t impressed with the sensitivity. Although I could slightly feel the bait as it moved through grass in 15ft of water, it didn’t seem to perform like the Yozuri Hyrid that Ive used in the past. I quickly switched gears and went with a RC 1.5.

Lucky Craft after 30 casts

After 30+ casts, the line is still like new.

Durability / Strength: After spending 3 hours with this line, and over 150 casts, I tested how well it held up over time. I couldn’t get it to snap even when the rod was fully loaded.

If this were mono, you would have already cut and retied a few times by now.

Lucky Craft RC 1.5 and Trilene Fluoro

A real durability test with the shallow RC 1.5.

Up close, you can see one small nick in the line, which was the only visible damage I could find.


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