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Boogerman Racket Buzzbait Review

There’s no doubt that one of the most exhilarating ways to fish is topwater fishing. The Boogerman Racket Buzzbait brings a whole new element to the game with its loud clacker style head.

Bass are ambush predators and will come out from hiding to chase this bait. Fishing around grass and cover maximizes your chances of lurking bass being caught.

Ideal buzzbait spot on the lake

An ideal spot, right along the weeds.

Another similar, but great area I fished due to that it was ideal for hiding bass.

In action. This buzzbait is loud, and intense.

In action. This buzzbait is loud, and intense.

The buzzbait also appeals to the basses eye by kicking up a small wake as seen below. Using a smaller size will not spook fish and can get a few extra bites during skittish periods.

The hook rides just below the surface.

The hook rides just below the surface.

Durability: After what seems like a hundred casts, you will notice a few things. First, this thing catches fish. Second, it may require some tuning to get it back to that factory tuned condition. Third, the head will show marks from the blade hitting it (seen below).

This is come to be expected. The blade is making contact hundreds of times, and something had to give. After all, no pain, no gain.

The aftermath from the blade clacking.

The aftermath from the blade clacking.

The final word: Crafted in the heart of where the buzzbait originated (Southern Illinois), the Boogerman Buzzbait incorporates a lot of the right features. Its loud, its proven, and there’s many options. While I found a few areas that could be improved, perfectionist anglers will be pretty happy with this bait. There’s a good reason why touring pros choose the Boogerman.











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Plus. Loudest buzzbait out there!
Plus. Nice paint jobs and color options are virtually endless.
Plus. Snagless.
Plus. Great deal at only $4.
Minus. Requires tuning and testing sometimes.
Minus. Rubber skirt may slide.

Overall Score: 8.5


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