Daiwa Peanut Crankbait Review

Notice the nice paint job Daiwa did.
Notice the nice paint job Daiwa did.

In Depth:
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Type: Floating Shallow Crankbait
Length: 2 inches
Weight: 5/16oz
Cost: $4.99

Daiwa Peanut crankbait
Bright Daiwa packaging.

This new bait from Daiwa packs a punch. Available in 10 different colors, and 2 variations, it can be tough to make a choice of one to buy. The coffin bill PN5SF dives to 3 feet plus, while the long, round billed PN5MF, dives to 5ft or more.

Back of Daiwa Peanut packaging
I hope you're bilingual.

The tight wobble of both the coffin billed Peanut is best retreived with a moderate speed, and the vibrations can definately be felt and seen. The coffin billed Peanut is best suited for shallow areas, around timber and laydowns, as well as around grass.

Daiwa crankbait colors
Pick your poison wisely.

The round billed Peanut should be used in medium to shallow areas with a moderate retreive as well. While it may seem that the round bill is more prone to hangups, I did not experience any problems.

Gear for the review consisted of:
Rod: Shimano V-Rod VCT66MH 6’6″ MH
Reel: Shimano Citica 200D 6:2:1 Ratio
Line: 10lb Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon

Problems: The number one problem I had with this bait from the start was the hooks. The stock #8 sized hooks will get tangled fairly often (as seen below). The other problem I noticed was that the stock hooks are like most crankbaits, not sharp. This is one asset that the premium Team Daiwa lures are known for, and the regular Daiwa line simply cannot offer.

Fouled hooks were common during the review.
Fouled hooks were common during the review.

I highly recommend replacing the hooks with some #8 Gamakatsu round bend or EWG treble hooks. The factory ones simply are not sharp enough.

Application: Around the edges of shallow grass and laydowns is where the coffin lipped really shined. I caught numerous bass throughout the day around grass, with very few hangups. Even when I was in 3 feet of water, I could easily feel the bottom contour using Yozuri Hybrid line. Every little rock was effortlessly transferred from the bait, back to my hands.

Ideal conditions. Rock ledge.
Ideal conditions. Rock ledge.
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