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Lucky Craft LVR D-15 Review

Lucky Craft’s deep diving lipless bait, the LVR D-15 is anything short of small. This bait requires a long rod and will be fished deep. Weighing in at 1oz (28g), this bait gets down fast, and in great for deep vegetation where the bass hide during the hot summer, and cold winter months.

In Depth:
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft (link)
Size: 4″
Weight: 1oz (28g)
Depth: 15ft+
Cost: $18.99 and up

If you aren’t familiar with Lucky Craft, the first thing you notice is the attention to detail. I’m referring to the amazing paint jobs (in our case, Aurora Brown and Table Rock Shad). The bodies of the lure aren’t flat, instead they have a scale-like texture with grooves lining the side of the body and the font is a molded face with 3D eyes. Lastly, these Lucky Crafts also adorn the signature oval split hook on the top of the lure, and the sharp #2 front and rear Diachi hooks. These big boys are ready for business.

Table Rock Shad and big hooks.

Table Rock Shad and big hooks.

For those of you that are familiar with the Lucky Craft series, then the above is nothing new to you. The LVR-D15 is on the extreme end of Lucky Craft’s line of lipless vibration baits. Its the deepest running of the whole line.

Easy to distinguish when going through the tackle box

Easy to distinguish when going through the tackle box.

One thing when you open the package is how loud this bait is. The tungsten bearings inside the body sound more like a maraca than a lure. Why? When the bait is in 15ft of zero visibility water, it cant be seen, so a fish’s lateral lines can detect this bait from a ways away. Dinner bell!

In comparison to the LV 500, which also dives just as deep, you can see the size advantage that our LVR D-15 has on it.

Size comparison: LV500 on top. LVR D-15 on the bottom

Size comparison: LV500 on top. LVR D-15 on the bottom

Compared to its D10 counterpart at 2.5″ and 3/4 oz weight, the D15 is tipping the scales with the extra 1.5″ and extra 1/4 oz mass. This thing is clearly designed by Lucky Craft to attract the attention of big bucketmouths.

Setup: First off, the size of this bait is key to what sizes rod and action you want to use. The longer the better, and you want to stick with something either medium, or medium heavy.

My gear for the review consisted of:
Rod: Shimano Crucial 7′ MH
Reel: Shimano Ciica 200D 6:3:1 Ratio
Line: 12lb Yozui Hybrid
Perfect size for attracting large bass that are hungry for shad

Perfect size for attracting large bass that are hungry for shad

Casting this beast requires little effort and will rocket through the heaviest of winds that mother nature can throw at you. A good 50 yard cast is easily attainable with the drag backed off.


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