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Lucky Craft LVR D-15 Review

Lucky Craft’s deep diving lipless bait, the LVR D-15 is anything short of small. This bait requires a long rod and will be fished deep. Weighing in at 1oz (28g), this bait gets down fast, and in great for deep vegetation where the bass hide during the hot summer, and cold winter months.

The sheer effort it takes to let the bait reach the bottom is attained in just seconds due to the 1oz weight. Techniques such as yo-yo’ing and bumping it off the bottom will be the main retrieves used. I threw this bait on top of ledges in about 6ft of water and brought it down a deep slope into 12ft of water without problems.

Heavy, easy to throw bait

You can really toss this thing. Swing away!

Durability: After making over 75 casts we examined the bait to see how it held up. The hooks slamming into the head and rear side of the body showed. Yo-yo’ing obviously had the large hooks causing contact. Below are pictures of the results.

Body damage from the stock hooks

Body damage from the stock hooks.

As you can see, its obvious that the tip of the hooks were getting lodged into the side of the bait. Not a big deal for most, but its still shows how the baits large hooks play a part into how durable the finish is. The rear section of the bait had the same issues as seen below.

Not as bad in the rear of the bait. Notice the scales.

Not as bad in the rear of the bait. Notice the scales.

The rest of the bait held up very well without any scrapes to the paint. It should also be noted that I was fishing this over grass, rocks, and the occasional submerged tree with no hangups.

The Final Word: In the end, I believe that this bait is best suited for deep summertime patterns where a large, loud bait is key. This would also be great for larger bass out west, or in the southern states. It was easy to cast and allowed for a long retrieve. Compared to the Lucky Craft LV 500, I was not as impressed with the bottom contact and the bulkiness needed to reach the specified depths. Ive used the LV 500 in the same exact area that tested the LVR D-15, and have consistently had much better success with the LV 500.

Shimano Citica 200 size reel, this was alot to handle.

Even with a 200 size reel, this was alot to handle.











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Plus Various great looking colors to choose from.
Plus Quality components. Loud Tungsten rattles.
Plus Casting length and quick reaching depths.
Minus Didnt catch any bass.
Minus Easily wears you out after numerous casts, even on a 6:3:1 geared ratio reel.
Minus Highest end Lucky Craft price. $18!??

Overall Score: 7.25


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