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Lucky Craft RC 1.5 Review

Rick Clunn teamed up with Lucky Craft to put together a bait that targets the shallow crankbait market. With its square lip, this bait tackles shallow terrain such as wood, rocks, brush, or just about anything you want to throw at it.

In depth:
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft (link)
Size: 2in.
Weight: 1/2oz.
Depth: 0-4′
Type: Coffin Lip Shallow Crankbait
Cost: $12.99-14.99

Lucky Craft teamed up with legendary 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn to bring together one of the finest shallow crankbaits ever made. Bass Pro Shops was the exclusive retailer to carry this bait, and a year later Tackle Warehouse also added this bass weapon to their online store.

Lucky Craft RC 1.5

Splatter Back is deadly.

Available in 11 different colors, as well as 4 different sizes ranging from the 1/4 oz., 1-3/4″ RC 0.5 model, to the RC 3.5 which boasts a 3/4 oz. size and 3-1/4″ length.

Lucky Craft Rick Clunn RC 1.5 Colors

11 different colors for the RC lineup.

Value: As stated earlier, the only 2 carriers of this bait are BPS and Tackle Warehouse. Both have an occasional sale on this bait, but its still worth the MSRP of $14.99, so don’t hesitate to pick some up at that price.

One thing you will not notice about the RC series is an internal rattle. I believe that this is one characteristic that makes this bait so successful. Being that it is a shallow bait, rattles only distract from the natural look and feel of the bait, and thats something that bass can differentiate from.

Notice the typical Lucky Craft details

Notice the typical Lucky Craft details.

Aside from the non-rattle feature, the bait features Lucky Crafts oval split ring on the top, and sharp Diachi hooks. The painted bodies are as durable as any of the other Lucky Craft baits, but do get scraped up due to the continual contact you will make with objects. All of the baits feature a realistic 3D eye, but only some of colors have the blood red eyes.

Application: The RC series is meant to be fished shallow and specializes around areas where you may normally use a jig. Submerged trees are the RC’s best friend. The square lip allows it to deflect off branches without getting snagged like a round lipped bait or jig would.

According to Lucky Craft’s website, “The RC is a ‘target’ bait,” Clunn explains. “By that I mean it’s designed to make contact with specific objects or targets, usually shallow, visible pieces of cover like stumps, laydowns, pilings or rocks.

This crankbait is best fished around laydowns.

An ideal spot for the RC 1.5. It won't get hung up.

We also had success fishing this around the grass in anywhere from 2.5 feet to 5 feet of water. Although the hooks do get snagged more often around the grass, they can hold their own in the thickest of green.

If you have ever fished the RC series, you will find that tossing this around shallow trees is playtime for the square lipped beast. Its as simple as tossing it to the base of the tree and raising or lowering the tip of the rod to make the bait surface or dive. Not moving the bait at allows it to raise slowly to the surface.


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