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Mr Blitz Toad Toter Review

Mr Blitz Toad Toter Hooks provides a different way of breaking the mold for fishing frogs. These hooks feature a keel weight as well as a front nose keeper that secures the frog in place.

Shimano Crucial and Blitz Toad Toter special.

A properly rigged combo, ready to fish.

Rigging the bait to the hook involves piercing the hook through the rear of the bait like a Texas rig. After weedlessly rigging the hook, insert the Peli-Lock into the head of the frog, and you’re done. Even with braided line, this bait is easy to rig and just takes seconds.

The ideal location for throwing a frog.

The ideal location for throwing a frog.

The Final Word: The Toad Toter shows that even the simplest designs can be the best. The keel wighted hook allows your favorite plastic frog to run through the green stuff without rolling over or getting snagged. It also allows for greater percentage of hookups due to the sharp and wide gaped hook. You frog problems have now been solved. Now the doc is taking the rest of the day off!











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Plus Keel weighted hook guarantees successful frog fishing without line twist.
Plus Sharp hooks!
Plus No snags when fishing around grass.
Plus Improved Hookset percentage.
Plus Always lands ready to go! Hookpoint facing up.
Minus Hard to find. Not many retailers carry.
Minus It sucks when you run out!

Overall Score: 9


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