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Omega Finesse & Pitching Jig Review

Omega is a relatively new name to the tackle industry. They have picked up some big name field staff this year such as Elite Series pro Derek Remitz, who has a custom wrapped boat by Omega. The fine attention to detail, and unique offerings make Omega baits a step above the rest.

In Depth:
Manufacturer: Omega Custom Tackle (link)
Weight: 5/16oz and 7/16oz
Type: Pitching and Finesse Jig
Cost: $2.89-3.09

Omega Jigs

Colors and sizes to suit any condition.

Some of the many features of this bait:

  • Created at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri
  • Triangular shaped head designed to come through brush and rock
  • Flat face design to easily skip under docks, cables and other cover
  • Flat face design allows jigs to stand up at a 45 degree angle (imitates defensive posture of crawdad)
  • 60 degree flat eye hook results in high percentage hookups
  • 2.5″ collared skirt (small profile) made with a rattle band to accept two Omega rattles
  • Oversized skirt collar and trailer keeper (keeps skirt and trailer in place)
  • 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook (black nickel)
Omega Flippin and Football Jig

Sits upright at a 45 degree angle. Poised to strike.

As you can see, both the Omega Football jig (back), and the Omega Flippin Jig (foreground), are both beautiful. They feature a unique triangular head that easily goes through cover and a rock hard paint finish that resists chipping. In fact, after throwing this bait, I would almost say that its chip-proof.

Red eye jig

The distinguished red eye is an easy target to spot.

Value: The red glowing eyes are the baits distinct feature that I feel helps fish find the bait easier. The hooks are a sharp Mustad Ultra Point Hook and stay sharp catch after repeated catch. As you can see, the head has a flat spot on the top that allows the bait to contour to any flat bottom and kicks that rear hook into an upward position. This allows your keeper to be in a striking position that stares bass right in the face.

Attached around the silicone skirt is a rubber collar (seen below) that allows for the addition of 2 rattles (sold separately). While I prefer a hand tied skirt, this is something that a metal skirt simply does not allow without significant modifications. Omega also offers a “living rubber” skirt as well in a select few colors.

jig collar and skirt

The rubber collar allows the option to add rattles.

My gear for the review consisted of:
Rod: Shimano Crucial 6’10” MH
Reel: Shimano Citica 200D 6:3:1 Ratio
Line: 30lb Stren Super Braid

netbait paca chunk trailer

Paired with a Paca chunk trailer. Its ready for action.

I paired this jig up with a Netbait Paca Chunk in Potomac Blue and decided to have the bass tell me which color combo they liked the best, and it didn’t take long until they did.


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