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Omega Finesse & Pitching Jig Review

Omega is a relatively new name to the tackle industry. They have picked up some big name field staff this year such as Elite Series pro Derek Remitz, who has a custom wrapped boat by Omega. The fine attention to detail, and unique offerings make Omega baits a step above the rest.

Application: Flipping this bait into thick grass was easily retrieved. I had very few hangups and could feel every obstacle in its way. Throwing the jig around trees and matted vegetation produced the best results.

ideal jig lake location

An ideal laydown for this jig. We can work the whole stump.

I normally don’t excel in fishing jigs, even though it’s one of the best big bass baits out there, I liked how this one felt. After about 20 casts, I hooked into a nice bass as seen below. He hit it about 5 feet outside of the weedline just inside a cove.

largemouth bass caught on jig

He tried to throw it, but there's no letting go.

It didn’t end there, after flipping around a submerged tree with some matted vegetation on top in 3 feet of water, I got a 4 to 5lb bass. The kind of bass that makes any fisherman’s day. For me, I was lucky to have a camera close by to cover the action.

Omega jig landed fish

Another bass. The jig bite was on today!

After throwing back into the same EXACT spot, I pulled out another 4lb bass. I couldn’t believe my eyes and wished that every day on the water produced such great results. I decided that I probably just used up all my luck on one spot!

branson with largemouth bass

Why can't it be a tourney day?

Durability: After settling down after 10 minutes, I checking the hooks and they were still sharp. The skirt was still in place and the knot was tight. Time to keep going for more! The head was not chipped at all, and the jig beckoned that I bring it on, even if that meant casting onto cement and dragging it behind the truck. The red eyed stepchild was living up to its nickname.


When not working his heart out on websites, e-commerce, and programming, Branson like to enjoy time on the lake. His best times are spent with friends trophy bass hunting in Southern California.

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