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River2Sea V-Crank Wake Review

In Depth:
Manufacturer: River2Sea
Type: Wakebait / Shallow Crankbait
Length: 2 3/8
Weight: 1/2oz
Cost: $11.99

Anglers International Resources – $11.99
Tackle Warehouse – $11.99
Land Big Fish – $11.99
Hi’s Tackle Box – $11.99

Freshly opened wakebait goodness.
Freshly opened wakebait goodness.

Face it, Wakebaits are currently the trend in the fishing industry. We got our hands on one of the newest of the bunch, the River2Sea V-Crank Wake. This 0-1′ bait incorporates many features that others in this category simply can’t touch.

Hello there Mr. angler.
Hello there Mr. angler.

Available in 9 colors , the V-Crank Wake is the shallow version of it’s predecessor, the V-crank. The V-crank was made popular because it was a jointed, 2 piece bait, that featured a clacking piece inserted between the 2 pieces. When the bait wiggles from side to side, these 2 metal pieces on the body contact, and causes a unique sound that attracts a bass’ attention. The bait also features quality Daiichi hooks on the front and back.

River2Sea's exclusive Pin and Tenon hinge.
River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon hinge.

The wake name comes from the ripples that the bait makes when the movement created under the water. The “wake” is the wave created, similar to how a spinnerbait, just underneath the water causes displacement on the surface. The picture below describes the result.

The V-crank Wake is a niche bait, that fills a void in your tackle box.

Hard to overlook a wake bait trail like that
Hard to overlook a wake bait trail like that

Durability: Constructed from ABS plastic. The bait takes the abuse from being bounced off laydowns with ease. The joint that holds the 2 pieces together uses River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon hinge design for ultimate strength and a smooth swimming action, even on slow retrieves.

The front lip is highly durable and is similar to the look of a popper type bait. The lip is shaped in a wide curved manner which keeps this bait shallow. More importantly, it is what allows for such a big wake above the surface.

Clear plastic River2Sea lip
Ready to do some battle.
Gear for the review consisted of:
Rod: Shimano Crucial CRC-66MH / 6’6″ MH
Reel: Shimano Citica 200D 6:2:1 Ratio
Line: 10lb Yozuri Hybrid
Branson Werner
Branson Werner
When not working his heart out on websites, e-commerce, and programming, Branson like to enjoy time on the lake. His best times are spent with friends trophy bass hunting.


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