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River2Sea V-Crank Wake Review

Following the success of the deeper diving V-Crank, the new Wake has a lot to live up to. Can the bass overlook this 2 piece, clacking and wide wobbling wakebait from River2Sea??

One thing about the V-Crank is that its 0-1′ of depth is easily controllable. The lower you hold your rod tip determines how deep or shallow you want it to swim. On a calm day, a normal retrieve would be ideal, which would be swam just under the surface, causing a wake. This can be accomplished by holding the rod in a 1-2 o’clock position.

Ideal rod position to get 1ft depth.

Ideal rod position to get 1ft depth.

Swimming the bait a bit deeper is accomplished by holding the rod tip in a 4-5 o’clock position as seen in the picture above.

I found the V-crank wake especially deadly around points where there was grass. On a windy day, I was swimming the bait close to the grass about 1ft under the water. This produced my first bass of the day.

First largemouth of the day!

First largemouth of the day!

Application: Around the grass was the best area I found for this bait. Although it can be retrieved through thicker grass, it definitely will get hung up if not careful.

Smaller bass pulled from a laydown.

Smaller bass pulled from a laydown.

As you can see, laydowns are also a great spot to swim this, because it can be casted accurately, and is less prone to get hung up compared to thicker grass/hydrilla areas.

Performance: Overall, I didn’t have any problems with the way the bait performed on the lake. The Daiichi hooks stayed sharp, the bait ran true out of the box, and even retrieved fast, the bait never rolled.

Overhead shot of the action.

Overhead view of the action.

One thing I did notice was that a faster retrieve causes the motion to be erratic, and unpredictable. This motion can definitely cause largemouth to become interested.

The TackleReviewer final outcome is next….


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