Shimano Curado E7 Reel Review

More closeup details around the handle
Very detailed improvements around the handle.

In Depth:
Manufacturer: Shimano
Type: Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel

Weight: 7.6 oz
Gear Ratio: 7.0:1
Drag: 11lb
MSRP: $179.99

Anglers International Resources – $179.99
Monster Fishing Tackle – $179.99
Land Big Fish – $179.99
Tackle Warehouse – $179.99
Bass Tackle Depot – $179.99

The Curado line started at Shimano in 1991. Since then, every new series had made innovations that result in being the benchmark for other baitcasting reels at Shimano and its competitors. This years version is no different. I will go in depth into what makes the new E7 a contender for your wallet as well as your attention on the water.

The new Curado on a Cumara rod
The new and improved Curado. Rigged up on the Cumara.

It seems that every time Shimano redesigns the Curado line, anglers come out of the woodwork. There’s always tons of strong comments that can be found in fishing forums, comparing it to the previous years version.

This year, Shimano made sure they would get everyone talking. For starters, they redesigned the entire frame and making it smaller than the previous Curado 100D but with the same line capacity as the previous years Curado 200DHSV. Shimano also stepped up and made the reel lighter. Its now 2.2oz lighter to be exact. Reduced from 8.8oz down to 7.6oz.

The new paint job and reel closeup
More bearings. 7 total now.

You will also notice a smoother reel due to the 7 bearings. This includes 1 Stainless A-RB, 5 Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings, and 1 A-RB Roller Clutch Bearing.

It features a new looking Magnumlite spool which I weighed in at a light weight 14 grams. Only 2 grams heavier than the 50mg spool, at 12 grams.

Lightweight graphite sideplate
The 1/8 turn is very slick. Remember the old days?

Opening the lightweight graphite sideplate reveals a 1/8 turn design. Its one of those simple things to overlook, but makes you feel like you found a hidden feature every time.

Opened sideplate and spool on the Curado E7
For the tweak demon in us all.

Opening the sideplate reveals our braking setup and a look at the spool design.

Titanium line guide in action
Very fluid line guide management.

The titanium line guide can be seen here as well as the sparkling paint job that Shimano introduced this year. Its very similar to a chameleon color changing paint job, but with sparkles. This is something totally new for 2008 from Shimano.

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  1. Just bought mine yesterday and had a great day fishing…. despite the 25mph winds. Even into the wind, with the proper adjustments the reel handled great. Nice distance, smooth action, and it looks amazing. Side by side with the new Abu G. Revo STX, I’ll be using the Currado much more. While both are great with very little difference, it’s the Currado’s ability to function in the elements that makes it my first choice.

  2. The E series is the best Curado on the market, I still use it over the K series every day, durable, strong never had any to repair…….I have had dozens of these reel, still have to going to sell to get the new met. 20

  3. Shimano has been a leading name in reels and gearing for as long as I can remember. You get what you pay for. I have 2 of the DC units and if this is anything like them, it’s worth the money. (By the way, wanna save money on Shimano?) Stop buying off the web and support local. I have yet to pay retail on Shimano.

  4. I am Louie I am a commercial fisherman down here in Louisiana and Southern Louisiana as a matter of fact south of New Orleans I fish for a living I come home and I go fishing as a hobby and as a stress reliever about my first Shimano curado e serie years ago truly happy with the performance I’ve landed some really really big red fish over here off the coast out in the open Bay fishing I land great fish. I landed catfished I didn’t access a 70 80 lb with it and I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve actually landed on with it but I can show you a couple of the fish


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