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Shimano Curado E7 Review

Announced at the 2008 ICAST show, and available only a few months later, Shimano has overhauled the new Curado reel. Its reduced size and weight are a few of the features you are sure to notice, but does it pack the punch you need on the water? Lets find out…

Shimano Power Grips are on steroids.

The new Power Grips are on steroids.

The Curado made easy work of the Bandit Crankbait in shallow and mid range fishing. I wasn’t tired at the end of the day and my wrists weren’t fatigued at all. The large grips made me feel like I always had control.

Overall: I think this is a great reel. If you are liking the small, lighter, reel trend….this is a reel you will find enjoyable. The value on this reel is phenomenal, and is definitely worth the extra money over the Citica E. One thing you may come across is choosing between the E5 and the E7. I would recommend getting the E5 if you prefer deeper crankbait and slower fishing styles. While the 7:0:1 isn’t a big difference for those used to the 6:3:1 gear ratio (I’m used to 6:3:1 and it didn’t feel any different) it will be hard to slow down for slower presentations.











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Plus. Upgraded components.
Plus. Lighter weight and smaller size.
Plus. Easily palmable
Plus. Cool paint job. No need for customization.
Plus. Lower price vs. the previous Curado.
Minus. Took some getting used to.
Minus. Still room for small improvements. Bearings could be upgraded.
Minus. Shows dust and marks very easily.

Overall Score: 8.4

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